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Welcome to the RoomGolf VR!
Rooms with various layouts are full of furniture!
It's simple, but it's a condensed version of the interesting parts of golf. Feel free to enjoy full-scale golf!

Room Golf Introduction 1

No difficult operations!
The operation has been made as simple as possible.
Because you can play leisurely
Recommended for VR beginners.
Just decide the direction and the height of the hit ball, pull the ball and release it!
We have prepared a fairway, rough, bunker and pond in the room.

You can enjoy all 18 holes + special halls.

Room Golf Introduction 2
Free play mode
You can challenge as many times as you like in each hole.
Please challenge to achieve all hole birdies.

Championship mode
Round 9 holes and get honor and crown with total score!

Special hall
Only those who have won a certain number of crowns
We have a special hole for you to play.
Please try it!

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RoomGolf VR
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